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    This is a section for everyone to add list of companies that you know, that hire Indian Students so we can help each other find jobs.

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    If you are new to Canada, here are the businesses that regularly hire students. We recommend googling the businesses in your area.

    – Restaurants
    – Grocery Stores
    – Bakeries
    – Mechanics
    – Construction related businesses like grass cutting, home renovations, driveway, etc…
    – Banquet Halls

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    YMCA also helps out with finding job and also there is this group on Facebook that is helpful:

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    I know a few students that work at:

    – Brar Sweets
    – Samosa & Sweet Factory
    – India’s Taste.
    – Punjabi by nature
    – Asian Food Centre

    Restaurants, Grocery stores are great places to start at and build contacts with other students who work there.

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    A decent place to go for a temporary job is Universal Staffing Employment centre. Its located at 350 Rutherford Road south.
    (905) 455-3922.

    Basically you go there, register with them and they hook you up with temporary, odd jobs. Good to get some experience. Students mentionned some got hired directly by the companies after. If anyone has worked with them, please share your experience with us.

    They specialize in connecting candidates with opportunities where they can excel whether temporary, contract or permanent, Universal Staffing provides effective staffing solutions across a broad range of industries.

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    – Millenium Tire has locations all over Canada and they are open to hiring students.
    – For Trucking, Charger Logistics hire students all the time.

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    Akram Agency in Etobicoke helps find temporary jobs for general labour work.

    9-2141 Kipling Ave , Etobicoke , ON M9W 4K8
    P: 416-745-5675

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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